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Thank you to all the lovely folk from Traralgon & surrounds for coming along to Victory Park last Sunday. We had so much and look forward to seeing you again soon.....let us know what you thought on Facebook, here's some comments

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From Pauline Pearce - "Perfect Venue for Harvest 'n' Graze Festival Victory Park, Traralgon, highlight as always for me is to see my beloved Black Sorrows, Thank you!! Good Times, Great Memories!!"

Joe Camilleri 23.03.14

From King Coles Catering & Wedding Decoration "Our Initiation was Very Successful....Great Crowd., Fabulous Music., ( we fed Daryl Braithwathe and co) even the weather behaved.....OLe King Colesy.....SOLD OUT"

 From Mel Riddle "My mums been a fan forever!!! Her smile says it all "

Joe Camillieri 23.03.14

 From the Chocolate Starfish fans....Starfish Rock Traralgon 23/3/2014.


 Simone Page "Awesome, by far the best out of the four groups..WOOHOO!"

Jo Hayes "What true entertainers! Absolutely the best! We'll done!!!"

Jill Cummings "Come to Port Macquarie!"

Debbie Taylor-Palmer "I am spewing I didn't go now." 

Chantelle Wanklyn Jade Ilana "I can see us!!!"

Lorraine Nixon "Great crowd"


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